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Is he a citizen?

Is he a citizen?

He lives in a decent neighborhood in a metropolitan city in India. He has a modest social existence. He possesses all the necessary testimonies that entitles him to be a bona fide Indian citizen.

But is he really a citizen of his country? How can he say that he is a citizen of this country? Do a bunch of certificates make him a qualified citizen? Is that enough?

What if he didn’t had those documents? Than he wouldn’t be an authorized citizen? If not, that means whoever he is, only a few documents can make him a citizen. His actual identity, origin, background does not matter, what matters are those artifacts only. And in case without those documents he still is a genuine citizen, then those artifacts mean absolutely nothing; except of course he wouldn’t be able to live far without them. So who is the citizen at the true sense? One with the evidences or the one without them?

What about a man who was born in the designated geographical and political area of India, but couldn’t manage to collect those records? And his parents also were born here and lived since then. Then he is not a citizen of this country? Why not? He was born here, he has been living here since, and he is not a authentic citizen? He has to furnish some proofs to make his citizenship legitimate? What if he does not have any such documents from any governments? Which country does he belong to?

How a citizen is identified? By a collection of paper evidences only? If someone has all those documents he becomes a genuine citizen? And if he doesn’t, he isn’t? Don’t he has any other responsibilities towards his country that actually makes him A Citizen, a part of it? Apart from looking after himself, his family, probably some of his friends et cetera what else he has done to demand himself a citizen of his country? Does only the country has responsibilities towards him just because he was born here or has a few black-and-white papers? Doesn’t he has any obligation in return? At what right he calls himself a citizen?

No, he is not a citizen. Even if he proudly has all those authentic proofs, documents and testaments. Those are not the criteria of being a national citizen.

No, he is not a citizen. Even if he was born in this country and has been living here since then. Even that is not the criteria of being a national citizen.

Call yourself A Citizen when you have done something for your country, when you have given something back to your country that has given you your identity, a security to live your life. Not before that.

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